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We want you to feel gorgeous. We want you to take good care of your self. We want to keep it simple.

JUNGLE ALCHEMY BEAUTY promotes radiant health and happiness.
Decadent skin care elixirs, tinctures and teas are lovingly created to rock your world…one part medicine, one part magic.

Our organic rituals and healing treatments begin with the most exquisite raw ingredients; indigenous flowers, oils, minerals and herbs. We infuse them with potent intentions and positive vibrations.

Let us guide you to a beautiful place in nature and share healing beauty techniques and traditions inspired by cultures from across the globe; designed for your optimal health and well being.

Nourish and indulge your body and spirit. JUNGLE ALCHEMY BEAUTY will enhance your natural glow.

A full line of our face and body products will be available to purchase soon. Journey with us for the full sensual experience.

Live Fully.

Dream Big.

Have Fun.