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Jungle Alchemy Core Dynamics is a fun and effective approach to full body fitness, functional strength, mindfulness and flexibility inspired by Pilates, yoga, martial arts and dance.

This is an active yet therapeutic practice designed to tone, balance, energize and heal the body in a sustainable, holistic way.

Core dynamics is the ideal training method to cultivate health, fine-tune body awareness and sharpen mental focus while receiving a powerful workout. It is designed to be a complete system on its own, while also a great addition to any athletic endeavor.

Props and modifications are explained and encouraged to safely customize your experience. Core dynamics is appropriate and accessible for all fitness levels.

Here is the buzz about Liz Lindh and Jungle Alchemy Core Dynamics:

“Having spent the past 30 years coaching college basketball at the Division 1 level I have had the privilege of working with many exceptional strength and conditioning coaches and trainers. It is from this perspective that I share my belief that Liz Lindh represents the best of he best. Her ability to motivate and inspire is unique, as is her ability to intuitively adjust her teachings to accommodate and adjust to the abilities of her students. Like any Master Teacher, Liz will be long remembered by those fortunate enough to experience her ‘classroom’.”

Tim O’Shea
Head Basketball Coach
Bryant University