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See What our Future Yoga Teachers are Saying

We know there are many Yoga Teacher Training Certification intensives to choose from. We have diligently worked to create what we feel is the best program available at an affordable price in a magical place. You will come away from this Yoga Teacher Training as a certified instructor and also as a stronger, wiser, freer and more aware version of your true self.

Continue reading for a first hand perspective and testimonials from some of our Jungle Alchemy Institute YTT graduates:

The feminine energy here was so strong, never have I ever felt so accepted and loved. This really did feel like home. I have been nurtured, cleansed, purified, strengthened and re-connected. In the three weeks we have all spent together we have become so close. We have grown together, cried together, sweat together and continued to support and encourage one another daily and I am so thankful to have had this opportunity with this amazing and inspiring group of radiant woman.

The Sanctuary is an incredible space that is completely immersed in nature. It is a beautiful space that allows for incredible growth. The trees root deep inside your soul and the hummingbirds fly your spirit to the sky. It is a true masterpiece. The innovative design is so mindfully thought out and it creates a very harmonious experience with the land and the community of creatures.

Teacher training was incredible. It was a challenging experience that allowed my yoga practice to extend off the matt. It was amazing to nourish my mind, body, and spirit in such a beautiful and mindful way.

I enjoy the vibe of the sanctuary and all the team, it was great… I had an amazing experience. Love you guys 😉 and the jungle.

I wouldn’t have changed one thing about your program…as it was challenging, but in a way that everyone needs to be challenged…mindfully and physically whether they consciously know it or not. You are able to offer the most incredible backdrop of serene beauty. I am forever grateful that my eyes have beheld such intricate arrays of colour spread out onto the earths natural canvas. This helped create the entire backbone of mindfulness and a sense of peace.

I also could not have asked for better teachers. You all hold a unique gift that’s meant to help teach and heal the world. Seeing you both work your given gift was miraculous and truly a blessing to witness.

The place made this teacher training a very unique experience, the way the information was presented was very organized it had a flow to it and the balance between practical and theory was fantastic.

I have learned so much from the jungle experience you had helped to create for us. I am so thankful for the gift you are sharing with so many beings whom are willing to open their hearts, minds and souls.

I am so honoured to have been a part of such a beautiful, awe-inspiring, experience. It has opened my eyes to a different way of being and I feel such deep love toward the community that is constantly being created in at the Sanctuary.

I will hold this memory so close and so dear to my heart as this truly was an inspiring, strengthening experience. I will be forever thankful for the stars aligning and for this opportunity to learn from some amazingly remarkable teachers. You have made this experience happen through your drive, passion, patience and love. You planted seeds and watched all of us blossom into flowers that will continue to spread and grow filling this world with an ancient teaching that inhabits so much love, light and peace.